• Cloth: The Collector’s Bane

    If you collect books of one sort or another there will inevitably come a time when a cloth novelty comes into the picture. At that time, this cloth item will be invariably rare and so seeking it out becomes a chore. Such is the case with the 1995 2e Dark Sun Campaign Setting, Expanded and Revised.

  • Fragile Weapons

    Dungeon World makes use of “tags” which describe what a weapon (or monster) can do. In the Dark Sun Dungeon World characters I have posted, many of the weapons possess a “fragile” tag which I procured from Travis Stout’s (GimpInBlack’s) Dark Sun Characters. Of course, this fragile tag isn’t a weapon tag found in Dungeon …

  • Monsters for Dark Sun Dungeon World

    There is talk, or rather a phenomenon, of “The Lazy DM” whereby DMing is made simpler in planning and execution. One facet of this is reskinning monsters already published to meet a game’s need, and it is a noble tradition to carry on. Here is a reskinning or posting as written Dark Sun themed monsters. …

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